Modern Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice in many different traditions. From Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, and Taoist traditions – they all practice some form of meditation. But what can meditation offer us in this day and age?

1. Stress Reduction – Meditation helps people learn to deal with stress more effectively and to activate, mobilize and utilize their inner healing resources and capabilities as evidence from research shows in the mind-body studies.

2. Sense of Self – When someone asks you to introduce yourself, you might say something like this – “My name is Claire, I am a mother of 2, I work at an office as a receptionist and I enjoy skiing.” But who are you really?? Deep down inside, do you feel like you have a connection to your true self? If you have been caught up in everyday life like many of us, constantly busy without time to yourself, the chances are slim. The practice of meditation gives you the time alone, to look inside, and witness the true beauty of your inner self.

3. Compassion – our society is very focused on individuals and meeting our own personal needs. Although this is important, it lends to overlooking the needs of other. Meditation offers a way to feel connected to ourselves and to others on a very deep level. When we connected with our inner selves, we gain clarity with our connection to those around us. Meditation fosters  thoughtfulness and a sense of compassion for others.  

4. Inner Peace – when you begin to understand who you are, you relax more regularly and have a compassionate understanding of where others are coming from, you carry around a sense of inner peace. Not just during meditation, but all day long. Imagine a tranquil state of calm, regardless of what is going on in the world…You can have that with practice.

Meditation practice is all about being in the present moment and living in the now.  To help you harness the power of meditation, I will be posting some more practical tips and resources in the near future.  For now, I would like to leave you with this quote…

A famous Vietnamese Buddhist Monk Thich Nhatat HanH says in his teachings on the practice of mindfulness,The Present Moment:

“The present moment is where life can be found, and if you don’t arrive, you miss your appointment with life.”


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