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“Dr. Tara is a wealth of practical knowledge, delivered beautifully in a down-to-earth manner. She offers such a unique perspective on building resiliency for women using novel technology blended with techniques to improve hormonal and mental health. Her style is humble and polished at the same time, gracious and intelligent. She is a valuable addition to any stage.”

– Dr. Keila Roesener, ND, Episode 4: Let’s Figure. It. Out. LIVE: How to Leverage Crisis to Build Resilience


“I love the work that you do, you are well-spoken, and have a lot of value to share with women. I know you come from a place of compassion and integrity, and that shines through everything you do.

I love(d) working with you – you are an amazing listener, are extremely professional, are not afraid to ask questions, and are fun to work with. Our conversation – you’re easy to talk to and it was effortless!”

– Dr. Anne Hussain, ND – Building Resilience for a Healthy & Fulfilling Life

“I selected Dr. Tara Guzzo as a speaker because she is an essential care provider in our community offering a non-traditional approach to health care. Tara brings a wonderful sense of calm to her presentation and vulnerable storytelling that is engaging and educational. Tara’s approach to health care through resiliency training is at the forefront of health and wellness and she is a leader in her profession.”

– Anonymous

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