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TV Show: Elevating Women’s Wellness

A TV series on Shaw Spotlight featuring interviews with regulated female health professionals of Sault Ste. Marie discussing important women’s health topics.

“We need more programming built for women! The series was extremely insightful and hit on a number of topics focused on women’s health. There were many moments which resonated with me but the underlining theme throughout the series focused on ‘Resilience’ and I was reminded of how resilient that I AM… and how as women, we need to pay attention and put ourselves higher on the list of priorities!”

– Zoe Sanguinetti, Shaw Spotlight Television Producer


Episode 12 – Challenging the Narrative of Motherhood with Juli Briglio, NP

Episode 11 – Honouring Indigenous Health with Chantelle Syrette, RP

Episode 10 – Navigating Cancer Care with Christine Dias, RN BScn CONC

Episode 9 – Rediscovering Purpose & Passion with Tiffany Caicco, MA, RP, DVATI

Episode 8 – Recovering Heart Health with Laura Andreychuk, RN BScN

Episode 7 – Releasing Shame & Guilt with Bonnie J. Skinner, RP

Episode 6 – Strengthening Joint Health with Ali Greco, BSc, MPT, PT

Episode 5 – Preparing to Return to Work with Heidi McLarty, OT

Episode 4 – Healing Through Self-Love with Sheila Paluzzi, MSW, RSW

Episode 3 – Healing Your Relationship with Food with Karly Meincke, RD

Episode 2 – Instilling Hope for Women with Addiction with Cali Collver-Bouffard, SSW, CCAC

Episode 1 – Living Active & Pain Free with Dr. Michelle Fabbro, DC


Episode 1 – Healing from Hurt & Loss with Danielle Ritsema

Episode 2 – Exploring Anxiety in Women with Dr. Lorraine Sharp

Episode 3: Understanding Pelvic Health with Tara Posteraro, MSc (PT), CIDN, FCAMPT

Episode 4: Treating Chronic Pain & Tension with Laura DeLuca, RMT

Episode 5: Breaking the Chains of Trauma with Dr. Beverly Hann

Episode 6: Empowering Pregnancy with Amanda Richard, RM

Episode 7: Brushing Up On Oral Health with Dr. Joanna Lamberts

Episode 8: Learning About HPV & Cervical Health with Dr. Patricia Zehr

Episode 9: Maintaining Eye Health with Dr. Krista Bruni

Episode 10: Supporting Hormone Health with Dr. Terri Lutes, N.D.

Episode 11: Correcting Fascia & Posture with Heather Punkari, BSc. PT, D.O.M.P.

Episode 12: Treating & Preventing Foot Conditions with Lori Lehtimaki, D.Ch. R.P.N.