All You Need is Love: Love & Compassion for One’s Self – Part 1

When was the last time you showed yourself some love?

My temporary leave from blog writing was difficult for me…at first. I feel an obligation to my readers who check their inboxes each week and thoroughly enjoy writing. However, with a busy schedule, summer arriving and an inability to keep up with all the commitments in my life, something had to give. Temporarily taking a break from blogging was an act of love for myself.

Showing love to yourself may be a difficult feat for some. Many women are accustomed to taking care of everyone else’s needs and when it comes to their own needs, they feel guilty satisfying them. Here are some tips for showing yourself the love and compassion that you need and deserve:

Give Yourself Permission: We often force ourselves to do or not do something because of an assumed obligation. If you want to know more, read “Lower Your Expectations, Decrease Your Stress”.

Break Bad, Self-Destructive Habits: Are you chronically late for appointments? What about quitting smoking that you’ve been vowing to do for years? How about not indulging in that food you are sensitive to because you just feel sick after? All of these negative habits simply cause undue stress in your life. Examine the root cause of your self-sabotaging. Why do you do these things? Understanding the underlying reasons will help you to overcome, heal and fill the void with love.

Be Kind to Unkind People: So you might be wondering, how does this help me? When someone is unkind to you and you react with rudeness and a bad attitude, is that really who you are? You leave the situation with a dark cloud hanging over your head and your negative reaction has polluted your internal environment. Instead, show love, because fostering a kind and loving attitude creates an inner state of love and peace inside of you. Your whole perspective on the world changes. Love and kindness creates more of that good stuff inside and outside of you.


Stay Tuned for the next instalment of  “All You Need is Love” coming soon!


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