A Traditional Remedy for Congestion


Water Bubbles

Hydrotherapy means to heal with water. Water is used at varying temperatures and applied to the body to produce a pre-determined therapeutic effect. This hydrotherapy technique is so easy and effective that it should be included in everyone’s home-remedy repertoire.

Steam Inhalation

Used for decongesting, clearing and cleaning the sinuses when it comes to allergies, cold, flu, sinus issues, etc.

You Will Need

  • A glass or stainless steel pot or bowl
  • Boiling water
  • Large bath towel or blanket
  • Box of tissue
  • High-quality pure essential oil such as eucalyptus, thyme or tea tree (optional)


Pour boiling water into bowl or pot. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil (optional). Sit with your face over top of the bowl at a distance where you can tolerate the heat of the steam. Cover your head and the bowl with the towel. Add fresh boiling water as the steam wanes. Inhale steam for 5-20 minutes depending on degree of symptoms. Take quick breaks to blow your nose as you decongest.

Bonus: this is an excellent treatment for your face and skin. Rinse with cold water for maximal skin benefits.


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