A New Year, A New Outlook on Health

”Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” – Sivananda

Our ideas and beliefs about our own health and health in general are often established very early on in life. Depending on our family background, perhaps health was an integral part of daily life or maybe it was never discussed. In any case, you have the ability to change ideas and beliefs that are limiting your level of wellness and keep the ones that help you heal.

The following are some fundamental ideas about health. Review your current thoughts and beliefs about health and take an inventory of what is holding you back from becoming a healthier version of yourself. Make this the foundation for your 2012 health goals.

1. Health is not the absence of disease, it is vitality and resiliency. If you aren’t diagnosed with an illness, it doesn’t automatically mean that you are healthy. If you suffer from symptoms and they cannot be categorically labelled as a specific disease, you may be suffering from dysfunction that can be treated with gentle, healing interventions such as naturopathic medicine before it snowballs into a major illness.  Naturopathic medicine works at supporting your body and preventing serious illness by increasing your energy, well being, and ability to adapt to the stresses of life.

2. You can be an active part of your health. Traditionally, health care practitioners may be viewed as doing a treatment and credited with healing. However, there is a lot you can do to help heal yourself. Naturopathic doctors are trained and knowledgeable guides in helping people to get well and optimizing their health.

3. Health is an investment. Maintaining a high level of health is a work in progress. At times it requires diligent effort and at others, just some of your time. Much like investing money into a mutual fund, your health needs resource investment. Investing in your healthcare will provide immense return on investment with better energy, improved sleep, reduced risk of chronic disease and peace of mind.

4. Health is not static, it is dynamic and changing. In fact, the full spectrum from health to illness is fluid and can change. Even someone who is terminally ill can become healthier by enhancing quality of life. So remember, there are degrees of healing that can be attained no matter where you are on the spectrum.

5. An illness you are experiencing is not ‘yours’. Saying “my depression”, “my Celiac” or “my cancer’’ is creating attachment to the disease state and will create an obstacle to healing. Mind your thoughts and words because they have the power to create.


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Wishing you great health, radiance and vitality in 2012!

Yours truly,

Tara Marcinkowski, Naturopathic Doctor

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