Top 4 Biggest-Bang-for-Your-Buck Health Habits

“All limits are self-imposed.” – Icarus

Here are the four health habits that can generate the greatest gain for any human being:

1. Wondrous Water – bottom line, your body is 75% water. Hydration matters. Clean water is important. Carbon based filters are the least expensive way to filter your water source. There are also many other options when it comes to water filtration if you want to invest more, such as reverse osmosis water filters, which clean much more than a simple carbon based filter.

2. Extraordinary Exercise – not just any old exercise will do (unless you are starting from couch-potato status, in which case any kind of movement will benefit you). Resistance exercises that support lean body mass maintenance are arguably the most important exercise for life. Keeping lean mass on your body (while reducing fat), reduces blood pressure, regulates blood sugar, increases metabolism, and reduces the risk of chronic disease. The amount of lean body mass you maintain as you age is a good predictor of how long and how well you will live!

3. Sumptuous Sleep – getting adequate number of hours of rest that is right for you. Wind down before bed with a calm routine. Keep your room as dark as possible and free of electronics. These small steps will create an environment for your body and mind to rest comfortably and sleep deeply. Sleep is so crucial – ask any new sleep-deprived Mom about the value of quality sleep. She will tell you it affects absolutely everything in your day.

4. Wholesome Whole Foods – This is nothing new. Just keep it simple by eating nothing processed or grown with pesticides. Eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies to ensure all of your nutrients and just be balanced. Ensure a variety of healthy plant oils like coconut, flax, olive, etc. Get adequate protein daily from your food. That’s as complicated as nutrition has to be.

If you pledge to practice these 4 habits in your daily life, the majority of your health problems could be history! Not only would your health problems dissipate, but you can save yourself a lot of grief by preventing chronic disease. Additionally, you stand to experience greater energy, vitality, emotional balance, motivation, creativity and many more wonderful things.

Inner Inquiry

Set yourself up for success with honest answers to these simple questions:

  • What is my weakest of these 4 health habits?
  • What steps can I take right in this moment to strengthen this habit?
  • How can I simplify these areas of my life to experience greater levels of health?

Share your inspiration below by posting a comment! Did you go from novice to pro with any of these 4 health habits? What was your winning strategy?

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