When to Seek Naturopathic Care

Blond woman having a stomachache in her bathroom at home

Many people experience the beginning of chronic disease in small ways: a nagging pain, recurrent infections, frequent headaches, indigestion, on-going low energy levels, persistent muscle twitches, bowel irregularities, etc. Before they are even able to be given a concrete diagnostic label, they are able to be treated naturopathically.

We don’t need full out chaos in the body to take the opportunity to hit the reset button on affected body systems. You don’t have to be “sick” to improve your health and address symptoms. It’s a mistake to minimize your symptoms because “so-and-so has it worse” and you feel you shouldn’t complain. It’s not truly not complaining when you are acknowledging what’s happening in your body and taking steps to change it. That’s called being proactive and preventative with your health. It’s amazing what a positive attitude about your role in your health can do for you.

The first onset of symptoms presents an essential window of time to apply simple, lower level interventions while you can, before symptoms snowball into a chronic, degenerative condition that’s much harder to address. For more info, see Naturopathic Therapeutic Order. After a certain point, drugs and/or surgery may be your only options. Why wait for the downward spiral to access low-risk healthcare?

There are different parts of the healthcare system you can access to address various needs. We are uniquely fortunate as Canadians to have access to preventative care, acute care and chronic care in the form of pharmaceuticals, surgery, acupuncture, body work, herbal medicine, vitamin therapy, mental-emotional support, etc. While naturopathic medicine can treat chronic disease, it’s incredibly effective for addressing early symptoms and preventing chronic disease from setting in. The right time to access naturopathic healthcare is whenever you are ready 🙂

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