The Two Toughest Questions I’ll Ask You

The two toughest questions I’ll ask you help set the tone for our work together on your health goals. It can be challenging to answer because it’s likely no one has ever asked you these questions before. I see the answers as critical to providing you with the best personalized healthcare I can.

In 12 months from now, what do you want to be improved in your health?

I really want to get clear on what you want to achieve and not assume it from reading over your health concerns. You might say you want to stop headaches and feel clear-headed. You and I both can empathize as human beings that being in pain is not enjoyable and being out of pain would be a goal. However, that’s only skimming the surface.

Why do these improvements matter to you?

Putting together the “what” you want with “why” you want it is a powerful combination. Having a goal of wanting more energy is commendable, but there’s not a lot of drive behind it. Saying that you want more energy to do the things you want to when you want, to spend quality time with your spouse, to keep up with your kids and be a good role model for them and to go to the social events you’ve been turning down — way more motivating!! Wouldn’t you agree?

Context is everything and understanding why you want to achieve a health goal is just as important as being clear on the goal itself. Understanding your motivating reasons and your specific goals helps me tailor your treatment to you as a unique individual.