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Resilience Reset Program

How different would your life be if you could shift out of tension, anxiety, or anger into a relaxed, clear-minded state in just seconds?

In the last decade plus of clinical practice, I’ve noticed that some people easily overcome health obstacles to thrive in their lives and others seem to struggle.

By analyzing the differences I’ve discovered that those who thrive know how to cope best with stress. It’s not that they have LESS stress than others. They are simply MORE skilled at taking it in stride.

According to Statistics Canada, 27% of working Canadians reported that their lives on most days are “quite a bit” or “extremely stressful”. Why does this matter?

Research shows that even MILD daily stress carries a 20% increased risk of all-cause mortality, meaning dying from any cause. That’s alarming!

Research estimates that up to 95% of doctor’s visits are due to stress-related concerns. With stress being involved in the majority of health problems, any approach that doesn’t assess or treat stress is missing a big piece of the wellness puzzle.

Stress is the #1 reason people walk through my door, but most people don’t come out and say it that way. On their medical history form, it may say: “I have difficulty sleeping because my mind won’t shut off”; or “I get monthly hormonal migraines.”; or “I take an anti-depressant and suffer from anxiety”.

While we cannot eliminate stress and uncomfortable emotions from our lives, we CAN learn to manage & reverse the damage from the emotional drain on our bodies and minds.

Introducing the Resilience Reset Program

Reclaim calm, confidence, and all-day energy

A 4-week 1:1 in-person program with a deep-dive into managing your stress & building your resilience.

I developed the Resilience Reset Program to help you reclaim calm, confidence, and emotional energy. The scientifically validated techniques you will learn are associated with reduced perceptions of stress, sustained positive emotion, and a high degree of mental clarity and emotional stability.

Who is this program for?  

This program is for people who: 

  • have struggled with health symptoms that seem to get worse with stress
  • are ready for new strategies to better manage stress
  • have learned stress coping techniques in the past, but have not consistently applied them
  • often worry or experience anxiety, nervousness, or tension
  • are interested in learning how their body responds to stress
  • are open-minded to learn new techniques for stress coping
  • value emotional and mental wellness
  • want 1:1 guidance and support

This program is not a good fit for people who:

  • aren’t ready to take personal responsibility for their own health
  • are looking for a quick-fix and are not interested in their long-term wellness
  • aren’t committed to doing some work on their part
  • who are struggling but are unwilling to make meaningful change
  • aren’t open-minded to learn new skills or see themselves in a new way
  • are experiencing severe emotional and/or mental distress

What You’ll Get Out Of It:

Each week we’ll assess your body’s stress response, discuss a resilience topic and introduce a new technique: 

Week 1 – Harnessing the Power of the Heart

  1. setting your personalized goals for the program
  2. assessing links between thoughts, emotions & hormones
  3. measuring your body’s stress response and heart-rate variability (HRV)
  4. technique #1 for replacing depleting emotions with a positive one and boosting your energy

Week 2 – Overcoming Negative Thoughts & Emotions

  1. check in about progress and remeasure HRV
  2. learning about interaction between emotions, attitudes & personality
  3. the difference between reacting and responding
  4. technique #2 for responding with powerful attitudes in difficult situations & technique #3 to stop the drain of strong negative emotions

Week 3 – Cultivating Positive Emotion to Optimize Well-Being

  1. check in about progress and remeasure HRV
  2. learning about how emotions are messengers
  3. locking in new patterns of response to stressors
  4. technique #4 to positively influence yourself and others

Week 4 – Embracing Heart-Centered Problem Solving

  1. check in about progress, re-evaluating program goals and remeasure HRV
  2. technique #5 for clarity and confidence in making decisions, conflict resolution, and problem-solving
  3. discussion about maintaining new stress coping skills
  4. receive your certificate of completion – congrats!

I’ll provide you with a step-by-step solutions for coping with stress for more calm, confidence & energy.

Each weekly program session will be 30 minutes and we’ll look at: 

 • The key indicators you’re experiencing the effects stress and emotional drain

 • Applying the new techniques to work through your current challenges in health & life

 • Scientifically validated techniques for coping with stress to restore peace

 • Leveraging your personal strengths to elevate your skills training

 • Strategies to implement what you’re learning into your daily routine

 • Simple worksheets for accountability and reflection on your stress coping

 • Online modules with resources and recordings for high-impact learning

• Guidance and support to achieve your program goals

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