Be a Man, Take Charge of Your Health

Cowboy Cal decided to take his health by the horns and see a naturopathic doctor. Now he enjoys riding bulls and excellent health.

Yeah, I said it – taking care of your health is the manly thing to do. Minimizing warning signs and waiting to get health concerns checked out is not only cowardly, but can land you in deep water.

Movember (formerly known as November) is here to remind you about your prostate health, which is one very important aspect of your health and well being as a man.

But there are many other situations in a man’s life when a naturopathic doctor can be of service:

  • Prevention – preventing chronic diseases, which are reaching epidemic proportions, is of the utmost importance, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
  • Sports Injuries and Pain – natural physical therapies, acupuncture and nutritional recommendations can treat pain, speed healing, prevent injuries from recurring or becoming life-long problems.
  • Annual Physical Exam – in the spirit of prevention, a complete and thorough physical exam that assesses the function of all body systems as well as laboratory testing is crucial to overall well being.
  • Stress Management – everyone experiences stress and it can adversely impact your health depending on how resilient you are in mind and body.
  • Anxiety and Depression – these are common health problems that men experience. There are natural approaches with minimal side effects that can help to heal.
  • Enhancing Sports Performance – whether you are an amateur or pro athlete – clinical nutrition, supplementation, hands-on therapies and herbal medicines will help you stay at the top of your game.
  • High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure – common health problems amongst men, which can be treated naturally to reduce or eliminate dependence on prescription medication.
  • Family History of heart disease, diabetes, stroke or cancer – back to prevention…if you have a family history of these illnesses you have a higher risk of developing them yourself. The good news is, there is a lot you can do so this doesn’t happen.

For a more extensive list of health conditions treated with naturopathic medicine, click here.

So how does naturopathic medicine fit into your life?

Two million Ontarians see a naturopathic doctor for their healthcare. Increasingly, men are taking control and investing in their health with naturopathic medicine, which pays dividends – short and long term.

Naturopathic medicine can address health concerns in natural, non-invasive ways. The expression “No pain, No gain” doesn’t apply here. With a naturopathic doctor, you can have your health condition treated all while preventing future illness and enhancing your overall health and well being.

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